Saturday, January 17, 2009

During most of my childhood, my only grandparents lived on the other side of the country. We were in Florida, Georgia, and then Tennessee, while my mom's parents were in Maine. None of us were rich, so visits were few and far between. Because of this distance, I would say I was never very close to my grandparents. My grandfather died my senior year in high school, and my grandmother passed away 9 years ago this March.

After I had married and moved out of my parents' house, my grandmother came to live with my parents. I was busy raising my daughter and managing my own home while working full-time, so I can't say I spent any more time with her then. But she did spent time with my daughter. One of the ways my grandmother passed the time was crocheting afghans and making quilts out of scraps of fabric. She made quite a few for my daughter. Keep in mind, my grandmother had grown up during the Depression, lived through WWII rationing, and was a very frugal person. The afghans and quilts were made with inexpensive fabrics and yarns, and I always thought they were scratchy and they made me itch. So these items were rarely used, but packed away.

While cleaning out the attic, I came across some of these items. While I still think they are scratchy, I appreciate the time and the love that went into making them much more now than I did then. So I laundered them carefully, and they will be wrapped in tissue and stored in my daughter's Hope Chest. And one day she will grow to appreciate these things her great-grandmother made for her.

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  1. Oh Barbie, growing older certainly tends to soften our hearts a little, doesn't it!! Realizing they were made with 100% love makes these things priceless!!