Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today, we continued on our quest to purge. Kelly has been in the attic numerous times, throwing (yes, literally) junk (again, literally) down for me to check before he throws it away or burns it, or occasionally sets aside for the Goodwill run tomorrow. In one box, I found my size 0--yes, that's a ZERO--Guess jeans from my freshman year of college. Why was I keeping those all these years? Did I really think that my fat 41 year old ass was ever going to fit in those teeny, tiny jeans again? I mean really. I also found t-shirts and sweatshirts from the Bahamas, UCLA, and the Sorbonne. And Adam Ant's Strip concert in 1984, which I attended in the middle of a snowstorm. Kelly found his Peace Corps handbook. I also found a pay stub from 1997 where I made a whopping $713 for two weeks of misery. And the contract for our first (and only) house. I found my term paper from my senior year of high school--Symbolism and Characterization in The Great Gatsby (I made a C--I hate research papers) and all my notes from College French. I found drawings that were exercises in perspective from high school art. An old sleeping bag of Kelly's from college. A broken floor lamp. Canceled checks dating back as far as 1991. My old gym membership card. Not even that would help me get back into those jeans these days!

It was a brief little detour down memory lane. But none of it really warranted keeping. I guess this is what happens when you stay in one house for 15 years--things just don't get thrown away like they should. Moving is always an exercise in purging. Who wants to pack crap you don't need or really even want?

Now, I didn't really want to photograph all that junk--it would have been embarrassing. So, in keeping with the predominant theme so far this year, today's photograph is of the newly organized many hats, gloves, and scarves.

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  1. oh what a great way to organize those items...