Friday, January 16, 2009

I live in the South. I have lived in the South my entire life. It's pretty warm in the South most of the year. Our summers are blazing hot, with humidity levels that turn the air to steam and your hair to a giant frizz-ball. You clothes stick to your skin within seconds of walking outside. It's hard to breath sometimes because there is so much moisture in the air. In the winters, we rarely see snow. It gets damp and rainy, overcast and chilly, but rarely COLD.

Well, this week is definitely one of those rare occasions. It actually got down to ZERO degrees last night. It's only about 20 degrees right now. And it will get down to 10 degrees tonight. We haven't been above freezing in 2 days, and won't until sometime on Sunday. They closed schools all over Middle Tennessee because of the frigid temperatures.

So how do you spend a day when it's too cold to step outside? With Peppermint Hot Chocolate, warm slippers, and a good book! Preferably with my cat curled up beside me--but he's a little moody today. Global Warming? Yeah, right.

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  1. I like your collage of photos. I need to do more of that for my layouts. It's been cold here, too. (MO) Some schools have been closing, but much to my dd's dismay, not our school.