Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Project 365: Day 243 -- The Dreaded Little Room

I had to take my poor baby Woofey to see Dr. Lewis today. He's been vomiting and acting really strange for a few days now. Dr. Lewis always says he's the best patient, and I tell her it's because he's completely paralyzed with fear. She was concerned that he's been steadily losing weight for the past couple of years, and in total, has lost 7 pounds! I knew he'd gotten a bit skinny, but never realized just how skinny. He only weighs 10.4 lbs now. All of his blood work came back good, so we think it might be his food. He's been on a special food for urinary tract health, and I don't think it agrees with him. So we are switching it to something for sensitive stomachs. Hopefully, he'll feel better soon, and be back to his Chunky self.

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