Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project 365: Day 248 -- Too Many Books

Yes, I've said it before. Books are taking over my house. Kelly finally reached a breaking point with it this weekend, and we started purging books. Most will go to Goodwill, but some will be RAK's on 2Peas and some will just be boxed and stored in the attic. I love my books, and it's always difficult to part with them...

On a different note, Kelly went under the house to change the water filter this afternoon, and discovered this:

It appears to be a Cauliflower Mushroom, but if someone out there knows different, please tell me. I had no idea how many species of mushrooms there are in North America alone (close to 30,000) until I started trying to identify this. It's pretty in a strange way, and reminds me of something you find at the bottom of the sea. It's kind of creepy, too in an X-files sort of way...

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