Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Project 365: Day 258 -- Gloom Doesn't Always Apply Just to Weather

Today was Grandma Needham's funeral. Just as it was at Grandpa Needham's funeral years ago, it was pouring down rain. We had the service at the funeral home, and then she was placed in the family crypt. One request she'd always had was for Blue Danube to be played at her funeral. Well, the funeral home people waited until the last minute to acquire this piece of music, only to discover their internet connection was down. So no Blue Danube. I had my iPhone with me, so we immediately tried to download it through there. But the connection was so bad it took forever, and the song wasn't loaded until they were putting her in the crypt. But Kelly and I stayed behind while the rest of the family left, in the rain, playing Blue Danube through the speaker on my iPhone. With the rain and wind, you could barely hear it, but Kelly kept his promise to his grandma.

The weather finally started clearing a few hours after the funeral...

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  1. What a beautiful, dramatic shot Barbie- it certainly seems to suit the mood. I cried when I read the part about you & Kelly listening to Blue Danube in the rain after everyone was leaving... *hugs*