Friday, March 20, 2009

Originally, I photographed my lunch for today's image. It was chips and a sandwich. Boars Head Black Forest Turkey and Boars Head Butterkase cheese on Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain White bread. Problem was, that pale bread, with the pale cheese, and the pale turkey and the pale chips on that white plate just didn't photograph very well. Blah. So I decided to photograph the luscious red strawberries I dipped in milk chocolate instead.

But my story today is still going to be about that sandwich. Or rather, my weird compulsions with food. I will eat the same thing for lunch every day for days, if not weeks, on end. Then I'll get sick of it and won't eat it again for months. Right now, I have been eating the same kind of sandwich, with the same plain Lay's chips, every day for the past week. Before that, it was Salami. Before that it was homemade pizza on a flour tortilla. The pizza phase lasted nearly a month, and the salami lasted almost two months. The turkey has maybe a week just isn't as tasty as some of those other things--though it is much healthier.

I do the same thing with a particular kind of cookie, or ice cream, or cereal. I get locked in on one thing and eat it until I am just sick of it. Lately my snack preference has been Pepperidge Farm Gingersnaps or M&Ms.

I am also one of those weird people that eat all of one item on my plate before moving on to the next item. Tonight, when I make pork chops glazed with peach preserves, buttered egg noodles, and asparagus, I will eat all the noodles first. Because they get cold the fastest, and the taste icky cold. I also don't like different foods to touch each other on my plate. I need one of those plates with the divided sections!

What kind of weird food quirks do you have?

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