Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is my Woofey. He's spoiled rotten. He's an American Brown Tabby, medium hair domestic. I adopted his mother when she was just a tiny kitten after she and the rest of her litter and their mom were rescued from a construction site about 15 years ago. Peebles ran away when she was about 3 years old, having never taken too well to being domesticated. But before leaving, she broke out a window screen and got knocked up, giving us 4 beautiful kittens, two of whom we kept for ourselves--Woofey and Weezer.

Their given names are actually Chunks and Theodore, but we call them Woofey & Weezer more often than not. We lost Weezer several years ago to a hit & run in front of our house. He was trying to visit his friend Outcast across the street. Less than two weeks later, Outcast met with the same fate.

So now Woofey is even more spoiled than he was before losing Weezer. Woofey sleeps on our bed, often times on top of my legs. It doesn't matter that I am allergic to cats--that's what Zyrtec is for. This grumpy but lovable furball isn't going anywhere. We sometimes say he's bi-polar. One day, he's following me everywhere, purring and begging for attention, sleeping in my lap while I work. The next day he's grumpy and anti-social, hiding under beds. It doesn't matter- he makes us laugh regardless of his mood.

I love it in the evenings, when he decides its time for bed. It doesn't matter that we are still watching TV or whatever--he comes down the hall to the living room and meows at us, running back to the bedroom. He will do this repeatedly until we come to bed with him.

I've never really understood people who don't like animals or don't have pets. They add so much to our lives! Kelly and I can't imagine not having at least one furbaby of some sort in the house. One of these days, we will have another dog, after losing our 15 year old black lab several years ago. Woofey thinks he's a dog sometimes, and we tease him, telling him daddy is going to get a real dog to replace him. Woofey doesn't seem to care.

So here's my Woofey, doing what cats do--being lazy.

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