Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Project 365: Day 139 -- Screw Dublin, we're heading to Kilkenny!

We decided this morning that we would prefer to spend our limited time in the countryside, and not Dublin. Dublin is just too chaotic. So we blew off Dublin and all it's sights (hope to come back someday!) Bye, Dublin!

But of course, we had breakfast first. I bring this up because of what happened at breakfast. Maybe some of you folks that live in Ireland, or have been to Ireland, or are Irish, can tell me what the heck a flapjack is over here? In the US, and flapjack is another common name for a pancake. You know, the flour/egg/milk/vanilla/sugar batter that you pour onto a hot griddle and cover with maple syrup? Well, apparently, a flapjack is something entirely different in Ireland. When I ordered flapjacks, I got this square thing that looked like some sort of cake maybe, made out of dates or something. The waitress (who was from Poland) wasn't really sure what it was either. Needless to say, I did NOT eat it. She took it back and brought me pancakes. With maple syrup. No, I am NOT an adventurous eater.
On the way to Kilkenny, I saw this field of bright yellow flowers. And yes, they really are this bright!
Saw this cool old building, too.

Arrived in Kilkenny, and love it here! It's big enough that there is stuff to do, but small enough to walk from one end of town to the other. This 400 year old city is compact and busy. The River Nore runs through the middle of it, with Kilkenny Castle on one end, and the Cathedral on the other.
We decided to try the castle tour--Kelly said he wanted to see the inside of a castle. It was a snoozer. Most of the interior had been changed so much that there was little historical value anymore. I wanted to see what it was like when people actually lived in it. And we weren't allowed to take any photographs inside, either, even without flash. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this lovey couple out for a stroll...
This sign was a hoot--"Bacon, from Pigs that Died Happy."

Photographed this man in a pub...
And Kelly out on the colorful street...
Another funny sign. Not funny in it's meaning, but funny in it's foreign-to-me phrasing. No Dogs Fouling. In other words-don't let your dog shit on the street, OK?
Another lovely couple out for a stroll...
We had a great dinner at Langton's. Live Irish music...
Our B&B, Carraig was very pleasant.


  1. I think I need to move there....sigh. Amazing shots Barbie, you captured not only the countryside, but the feeling so well. Ireland is quickly becoming #1 on my list of places to visit.

  2. I'm loving your pictures! My husband and I had the same feeling and reaction to Dublin--let's get outa here. Loved the countryside.