Friday, May 22, 2009

Project 365: Day 141 -- Lovely Kenmare...

This morning, we had breakfast at Pregos, then browsed around the village. The village of Kenmare is just four streets, layout like an 'X.' It's quaint and friendly, and just off the Ring of Kerry. We just kind of meandered about, checking things out, and picked up some gifts for people back home. I also bought myself another necklace, this one a silver cross with a Connemerra Marble bead. Its said that the marble will bring tranquility to those who keep it close.

Kelly bought an Irish wool sweater for himself, but I couldn't talk him into this hat. I LOVED it, and thought it was perfect for him. He truly looked Irish.

In the afternoon, we explored in the car. We drove out to part of the Ring of Kerry, all the way to Waterville. These coastal areas are just beautiful! And so unspoiled. The skies were so vast, with their puffy white clouds. I was in heaven...Since I live in a very hilly and wooded part of the US, I rarely get to see such vast skies. And our skies are hardly ever this clear and blue because of the polution. Three things get me staring in wonderment and awe--skies like this, the ocean, and snow-capped mountains. Kelly thinks I'm a nut. But something about them just makes me stare in awe.

Here's Kelly next to our little roller skate of a car, stopped somewhere along the Ring of Kerry. Can you believe how tiny it is?
On our way back from Waterville, we stopped at the Druid Circle in Kenmare. These ancient Stone Circles are thought to have been used as a celestial calendar. Kenmare has the largest stone circle in southwestern Ireland. Over 3,000 years old, it consists of 15 stones enclosing a circle measuring about 17m in diameter.
We dined this evening at the Lime Tree Restaurant. Very nice, elegant place. These were our appetizers--French Onion Soup and Goat Cheese wrapped in Filo pastry. I had some steamed seafood after, followed by creme brulee. Very good.

Just thought these traditional Irish instruments were interesting in a store window, walking back from dinner.

Earlier in the day, I purchased some beautiful Irish bed linens here, fom a lovely young lady named Tracey. Tracey grew up in Cork, and after University couldn't wait to get out of Ireland. She lived and worked in Dubai for a while, and traveled Europe, but settled in Ireland again. She wants to visit America now.
It rained so much that we ducked into a slip, or alley, to wait for it to let up. Kelly took the moment to smoke a cigar.
I thought this another odd little sign. What good is a park if you can't have dogs, play ball, or camp?


  1. I'm loving all of your pictures and your storytelling. If I remember correctly, the size of the car was about right for how wide the roads are. I felt like I had to hold my breath in when we traveled through towns with cars parked on both sides of the road.

  2. Barbie, I'm so enjoying all of your photos from Ireland! Tell me, though . . . did you *really* take two bodies and 7 lenses? You beat me! For Paris, I had 1 DSLR body, 3 lenses, and a P&S . . . plus the chargers, extra batteries, memory cards, etc. Security hated me :). Also, for the record, your hubby looks eerily like golfer Padraig Harrington. Anyway . . . FANTASTIC pictures (as always), and you've given me some new spots to add on my "must see" list the next time I'm in Ireland. Thanks for taking us along on your trip with these posts! - Cheers, Andrea (aj*smiles @ 2Peas)

  3. Hey Andrea! I took two bodies, and 5 lenses. I didn't use the 70-200 or the fisheye as much as I though I would, but I did use them. I had to look up Padraig Harrington since I didn't know who he was, but you're right, there is a resemblance!