Friday, June 5, 2009

Project 365: Day 155 -- Rain, Archivers, & Shrimp

Well, the weather did not cooperate today for our zoo plans. It rained all day. So mom & I decided to check out Archivers. I've never been in one, since there isn't one in Nashville, and she didn't even know it was there in Memphis. All the scrapbook stores in Nashville have closed over the past few years, so I've missed being able to see product first hand before buying it now that I have to buy on-line. Archivers has all kinds of great stuff--including Bazzill cardstock by the sheet. They are a little more expensive than most of my on-line sources, though. I still stocked up on quite a bit, though.

For dinner tonight, Dad made one of his specialties--Creole Shrimp served over linguini with an Alfredo sauce. Definitely yummy!
The sibling unit joined us too, and we had a great discussion of politics and current events. My brother is so analytical, and so well informed, that I love to hear his opinions. It's especially great when his opinions backs up my opinions, which aren't usually reached with the same in-depth analysis that his are.

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