Monday, June 29, 2009

Project 365: Day 179 -- Goodbye, Fiat

Today we say goodbye to the Fiat. Kelly purchased this car 8 years ago, hoping it just needed some tender loving care. Turned out it had some major body damage underneath that he just wasn't willing or able to repair. So after being rather unattractive driveway art for a few years, he finally sold it on ebay to a guy who wants to put the engine in another body. Said guy picked it up this morning, put it on a trailer, and drove it back to Illinois. I had fully intended to photograph it being hauled away, but they had it on the trailer and gone before I was out of the shower at 7 o'clock this morning. So this photo is several years old, taken before we knew how severe the damage was.

On a lighter note, Kelly decided to cook tonight. He's a great cook, but rarely has the time anymore. Tonight, he grilled chicken with some kind of sauce made from fresh cherries. Turned out pretty good, too. Also enjoyed fresh organic corn on the cob, and organic steamed carrots.


  1. Aww I had a 72 Fiat Spyder in college and early married life. I loved the wood dash. It was a bit noisy on the freeway tho. I don't think they quite had the roof seal clips quite happening :). My hubby had a Fiat too but he had the mid engine X19.

  2. Kelly's a real fan of the Fiats and the Alfa Romeo. One day, he will have one that someone else has restored. Restoring them is hard work! And they are very high-maintenance vehicles. He was sad to see this one go, but knew when he was beat.