Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Project 365: Day 181 -- One of my most dreaded chores...

Most people despise cleaning the toilets, washing the dishes, or putting away laundry. I hate doing those things too, but the chore I tend to dread is changing the bed linens. Mostly because our mattress sits inside the bed frame, and it's very heavy memory foam. And I can't stand for the sheets--especially the bottom fitted sheet-- to be loose with wrinkles in it. And sheets are always too big for the mattress. So I use those elastic straps on the corners and one long one going all the way across both vertically and horizontally to keep the sheet on tight.

As you can imagine, changing the linens in these circumstances takes a lot of energy, and about 30 minutes time to completely make up the bed. So every week, when it's time to change the linens, I just dread it. Today was that day.

On a funnier note, Woofey refuses to get on our bed when the sheets are off because he can't stand the way the memory foam feels on his paws. It's like velcro to him!

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