Monday, June 22, 2009

Project 365: Day 173 -- Groceries and Dinner

Had do do some grocery shopping today, mostly for lunch stuff for the week. Of course, I still haven't kicked my Coke addiction, so had to hit that isle. And the deli. Love Boars Head cold cuts. No preservatives. And they have some wonderful Black Forest Ham, which is really good with the Black Wax Cheddar.

Tried a new recipe tonight--Browned Butter Spaghetti. This came about after finding a cheese at Whole Foods last week that I had never heard of. So I bought the chunk of Myzithra (Mizithra) cheese, and then looked up recipes to use it in. I found the Browned Butter Spaghetti.

Now normally, I substitute butter with the lower fat, lower cholesterol versions. But this recipe specifically states NOT to do that. Those diet butters just turn to oil when you melt them. Real butter browns. So it's not something we would have very often because it's fattening.

Anyway, it's usually just served as a side dish with lamb chops, but I decided to add chicken to it and serve it as the entree.

So here's the recipe:

Chicken Breasts, cut up into bite sizes. (I used Tyson pre-grilled)
about 8 oz Spaghetti, cooked al dente and drained
Garlic - to taste
Oregano - to taste
Black Pepper (fresh ground) - to taste
4 tbl Butter
1/4 cup Myzithra Cheese, shredded

Boil and drain the pasta as you saute the chicken. I added a splash of white wine to the chicken at the end.

While the pasta sits in the collander, put butter in the empty pot and melt, adding minced garlic, oregano, and pepper. Brown the butter lightly, then remove from heat. Then dump the drained pasta back in and toss, coating thoroughly. Add the cheese and the chicken and toss some more. Serve immediately.

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