Thursday, June 18, 2009

Project 365: Day 169 -- The Garden

I found a frog on the front porch today, and when I poured food into the cats' dish, the frog got spooked and hopped away. He was hiding under some plants when I managed to get this shot. Then he disappeared. These flowers are growing wild on the edge of our front yard. Are they Brown-eyed Susans? I know almost nothing about plants and flowers. The bamboo was planted by Kelly and has spread to create a huge wall along the street. It's a favorite haven for birds of all kinds. It spreads so much on it's own that people are often stopping and asking if they can take some of the stalks that are jumping the ditch to the road side. Kelly always tells them to help themselves. And yes, that's poison ivy growing in there. I stay away from that!

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