Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dogwood Winter

Folklore of the eastern United States tells gardeners not to plant until after the dogwood trees have bloomed. The reason: Dogwood Winter, known regionally as Blackberry Winter. It's spring, then suddenly winter returns.

Dogwood Winter generally occurs after several weeks of warm spring-like weather, and brings several days of cold, cloudy weather, sometimes with frost and perhaps a flurry of snow. It usually occurs during April and coincides with the blooming of dogwood trees and blackberry bushes, from where it get's its popular names.

The Nashville area is currently experiencing our Dogwood Winter. The Dogwood trees (the official state tree, by the way) bloomed in the past few days. We had been experiencing temperatures in the 70's. The storms and a cold front came through yesterday, and now it's in the 50's, damp, and dreary. By Friday, it will be in the 70's again.

Here is the beautiful dogwood tree in my side yard.

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