Monday, April 13, 2009

The Grocery Store

Back when I first got married, and had a baby, I did the grocery shopping once a week. We lived in the city, so it was convenient. I had a budget of $100 per week, and I rarely spent all of it, even buying diapers, baby formula and baby food, and groceries for two adults. I usually had $20-$30 left over each week!

Twenty-one years later, I am buying for two adults and 3 cats. And I only shop every two weeks, since we now live out in the sticks and the grocery store is 30 minutes away. I am no longer buying expensive items like diapers and formula, but the cost of everything has gone up so much! Now, I spend an average of $160 a week for two adults. And it's always a bone of contention between me (the person who does the menu planning and the shopping) and the spousal unit (who never sets foot in a grocery store, but makes all the money I spend there.) Of course, this is also the guy that forgets to eat half the time, so food is way low on his priority list. He eats because he needs nutrition. If coffee could give him all the nutrition necessary for good health, then he probably wouldn't eat at all. I, on the other hand, enjoy food. Too much. I figure if I am going to spend the time shopping, cooking, and eating, then it better be tasty, right? But when I look at those receipts, (or the scale for that matter) I can't help but wiih I was forgetting to eat all the time, too!

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