Sunday, April 19, 2009

P365-Day 109: What to do during a power outage?

It's Sunday. Kelly and I both have tons of work we need to do on the computers--he needs to finish a project plan and Visio diagram for a major project at work, and I have client images to process. We took Saturday off to decompress (OK, Kelly needed to decompress from a difficult week; I just decided to play instead of work on Saturday) and planned to do all our work on Sunday. Just as we are getting settled, me in my office with my trusty Mac Pro, and him in the dining room with his Dell Laptop, ready to focus and be productive...ZAP. Power goes out. No storm, just some gentle rain. Ok, so we're thinking, 20-30 minutes maybe. Almost 2 hours. Then it came back on for a mere 13 minutes before going out again for another 40 minutes.

Now, during this time, it's pretty dark in our house. Too dark to read a book unless you sat right next to the window and tilted the pages toward the dreary light. So I decided to straighten up the closet. Which eventually led to removing all my clothes, organizing them, pulling out the winter stuff, getting summer stuff from storage, and reorganizing my sweater drawers to remove what will be donated this year.

By the time the power came back on, I was no longer in the mood to focus and be productive with client images! Kelly did, however, make good progress on his project plan.

Oh, and yes, my closet really is that small...

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