Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Tax Day. April 15th. A day dreaded by gainfully employed Americans. By midnight tonight, we must all have our 2008 tax returns postmarked and in the mail to the KGB--I mean IRS. The more money we earn, the more the government takes. And then they waste it. They waste it on pork projects, welfare for people who are able-bodied and should be working, bridges that go no where, HOV lanes that no one uses, bizarre research studies that mean nothing to no one, junkets for legislators and their buddies to the Caribbean, and $500 hammers that I can buy at Sears for $20. The government has stopped listening to the people who hired them. This Republic is supposed to be a government for the people, of the people, and by the people. Now it's a profit center for socialism. Only, there's no profit. Our government is spending us into oblivion. Our great-grandchildren will still be paying the debt our government is creating now.

So on this Tax Day, April 15th, 2009, symbolic Tea Party Protests were held all over our nation. These images are from Legislative Plaza in Nashville. (If you want to see more of the 203 images posted, you can go to the client tab on my website and use the password teaparty or find me on Facebook)

Now, since I can't forget the best Tax Day I ever had, I take you back to April 15, 1988...when my beautiful daughter was born--21 years ago! I can' tbelieve I am mom to a kid who is old enough to legally drink in any state or country. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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