Friday, July 3, 2009

Project 365: Day 184 -- A Lovely Day

Today was just beautiful for July here in the south. It was sunny, 85 degrees, and low humidity. It was so pleasant that when I met Pam and Rebekah for lunch, we decided to eat outside on the patio. Of course we met at City Limits, and all had that delicious Lobster Bisque they only serve on Fridays. Rebekah and I had not seen Pam in quite some time, and almost didn't recognize her. She looks fantastic! Great new hair cut, significant weight loss, nice tan, and very stylish. Way to go, Pam! You are amazing.

Pam brought a fun little toy for me to try out on my camera--which I brought with me of course. The Canon 500D Close-up Lens. Since I have been doing more close-up/macro-type work lately, she thought I might really like this little tool. She was right. Now I have yet another thing to add to my Wish List at B&H Photo. The list never ends...

On my way home from lunch, I stopped and photographed my neighbor's horses. I l0ve horses, and I always enjoy seeing his horses.

And when I got home, Woofey was just so cute, I had to grab a few shots of him, too.

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