Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project 365: Day 203 -- The Other Cats

Everyone who reads this blog knows my cat, Woofy. He's my very spoiled baby and favorite fur-child. But we have two additional fur-children. However, their father has completely disowned them, and they aren't on my list of favorite "people" either.

This is Anna Belle. She was our first feline child. We adopted her from an animal shelter 14 years ago. At the time, Kelly hated cats. But he finally consented to have a cat in the house to keep the dog (our black lab mix named Josephine) company while we were at work all the time. In the beginning, Anna wasn't so bad. She played fetch like a dog, loved Josephine, and was a cuddly little thing that liked to sleep on my pillow.

The problems started when we decided (ok, I decided) to get a second cat. Anna was NOT thrilled to say the least. But she sucked it up and dealt with it when we brought Peebles home. Then Peebles escaped one day, and came home knocked up. Next thing you know, we had 4 kittens. We gave two away, and kept two--Woofy and Weezer. Now Anna was really mad.

Then Anna escaped and ended up having 5 kittens. (Yes, we know we should have had them spade, but we were keeping them inside and we were kind of broke at the time.) Out of those five, we kept the last one, simply because we couldn't find a home for him. His name is Pete, and he took to Parrish right away and became her cat.

But Anna was super pissed by now. And honestly, Peebles was, too. Peebles had been rescued from the wild, and never really took to being a housecat. She disappeared one day and we've never seen her since. Well, we think we have on occassion, but couldn't get close enough to be certain.

So at this point, we have 4 cats, a dog, and oh, two puppies. Now Anna is the Bitch from Hell. She hates the other cats with a passion, and she's not too fond of us humans, either. She no longer sleeps in our bed, and she's thinks nothing of reaching out and swatting our ankles with her claws as we pass by. We did get her spade, but that just seemed to make her moodier.

But I still tolerated her. Until she got mad at us and started peeing in Kelly's shoes and in my purse one day! After that, she was banned from the house. Good thing we live on 2 acres in the country on a deadend street.

This is Pete, off-spring of Anna. He's good natured and friendly with those he likes. But he doesn't like Kelly. He was welcome in the house until he started spraying even though he's neutered. Now he's banned from inside, too.

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