Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Project 365: Day 217 -- Same Thing, Different Day

Part of the drudgery of being a homemaker is the chores of grocery shopping and errand running...making the shopping list, planning the meals, driving 30 minutes to the store, the 45 minutes it takes to shop, driving 30 minutes home, unloading all the items from the car (which takes another 30 minutes since in my case, it's not just a few steps from the garage to the kitchen counter) and then putting it all away. And of course, before you even go shopping, you need to clean out the refrigerator. No one likes that job--finding those nasty science projects at the back of the shelf is just gross. OK, that rarely happens in my house, but it has happened.

Anyway, it's just drudgery. The same tasks that have to be done repeatedly. I did the shopping and picked up the drycleaning last week, but I have to do it again this week. And next week. And the week after...But it has to be done, and today was the day to do it...

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