Saturday, August 15, 2009

Project 365: Day 227 -- Colorado, Part II

This morning, most of our group gathered in my hotel room before heading out to Chatfield State Park, just southwest of town. Seventeen people in a hotel room is crowded and loud!

Once we got to the park, I designated shooting locations and suggested everyone break into small groups and take a model(s) to a designated area. Then we could rotate the photographers, leaving the models in their locations. It started out good, but after a while we were all forgetting to rotate! Most of my group never managed to get any photos of Ciara and Emberly during this morning session because we spent too much time with Sarah, then Jonathan and Monica.

Then it was time to do the Trash The Dress with Meghan. She didn't want to get the dress completely trashed, and wanted to keep the bead work clean and dry. But she got in the lake up to her knees! The light was difficult by this time, as it was the middle of the day. But we had some reflectors and managed to do OK. We were all in the water up past our ankles.

We all finally got so tired and hungry we decided to break for lunch. The kids really needed a break, too. Sarah had actually laid down in the water, she she need a shampoo. Actually, Meg did too. As we gathered our stuff, Meg commented that she had sand/mud in her underwear. Rachel said she must have lake water in her coochie. Which Ciara promptly repeated! (OK, I repeated it first, then Ciara.)

After everyone cleaned up and dropped gear off at the hotel, we met for lunch at this Mexican place. I think the wait staff probably groaned when they saw how many of us there were! Heather's hubby brought her boys to meet us, too. And Farrah, who had skipped the morning shoot to rest, brought her little boy Nicholas, too. So there were 31 of us for lunch!


  1. Can you please share with me how you get your photos so crisp and clear... ie. the lady with the green background. Beautiful. Mine seem very dull next to those.

  2. Eva, it's a combination of proper exposure and years of Photoshop experience! I shoot RAW and process in ACR.