Saturday, August 8, 2009

Project 365: Day 219 -- Saturday Breakfast at Red Tree

Usually on Saturday mornings, Kelly knows better than to wake me up. But this weekend, we decided to have breakfast together and run a few errands. Originally, we had planned to go car shopping, but did that yesterday instead. (No we did not buy a new car. We looked at several, but decided we just refuse to buy a new car for $30k when we can buy the same car a year old for $15k.)

Anyway, I obviously, we had to go to Red Tree Coffee before even leaving Kingston Springs, because Kelly stops there every.single.morning for a cappuccino. We ended up having some of Amy's wonderful little bacon & egg muffins, too.

Just outside the coffee house, a local artist decided to turn a tree trunk into his canvas...The utility company had topped the tree to keep it out of the power lines, and left a big, ugly stump. Now it's a piece of art!

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