Monday, August 17, 2009

Project 365: Day 229 -- Colorado, Part VII

Wow, catching the airport shuttle at 5 AM is so NOT fun. Especially after just 4 hours of sleep in a strange bed. And it turned out that I had loads of time to kill. But since it was an unfamiliar airport in an unfamiliar city, I wanted to be sure to allow enough time. Amanda and Jenn were still sound asleep when I left, since their flights didn't leave until early evening.

When I arrived in Denver on Friday, I thought about how cool a photo the subway tunnels would be. But I had my hands full and the train was crowded, and I didn't bother to get my camera out. This morning, however, I pulled my camera out before getting on the train, and planned it so I was in the back of the last car. I think this is my favorite shot...
Since I had lots of time to kill, I decided to browse some of the shops. There was so much beautiful jewelry! Stuff I never see at home--a lot of Native American designs. There were some pieces I would have loved to buy, with turquoise and other semi-precious stones inlaid with intricate designs...but wow--the price tags brought me back to reality. I didn't get photos of the pieces I loved most, but here are some others I really liked, too.
I did end up getting a few things that were less expensive...

Then it was time to camp at the boring...
On the plane, I was in the first row, window seat. I slept a good part of the flight. During the last 15-20 minutes of the two and a half hour flight, the 3 people in the row behind me got into an altercation. Apparently the man in the middle was sitting between a husband and wife (why they weren't sitting next to each other is a mystery) They had a small dog in a carrier under my seat. The altercation started with the husband getting angry about the man in the middle taking up more than his share of space. Then the man in the middle complained that they had taken the dog out of his carrier. They were calling each other names and threatening each other with physical violence. Someone else called the flight attendant over, and she tried to mediate. The best she could do was separate them when another passenger offered to switch places with the man in the middle. What idiots! They wait until the last 15 minutes of a 2.5 hour flight to complain about space hogging? Get over it and grow up!

Anyway, it was nice to come home and unpack and sleep in my own bed. But I totally miss Colorado and all my Peaps!!! I can't wait to go back.

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