Saturday, August 15, 2009

Project 365: Day 226 -- Colorado, Part I

I am so very excited today to be in Colorado for a weekend with my Peaps. Peaps are my fellow photographers, girlfriends, from the 2Peas in a Bucket Photography Forum. We've been planning this get together for almost a year.

The whole thing started when one of the Peaps, who lives in Australia, was planning a visit to see her sister in Denver. Well, because Shanna lives so far away from most of the other Peaps, she decided to see how many of us could meet her in Denver. Turns out quite a few!

Me, from Tennessee
Heather from Colorado Springs
Meghan from Colorado Springs
Rachel from Colorado Springs
Becky from Broomfield
Farrah from Aurora
Danielle from Colorado
Janett from Denver
Jenn from Texas
Anne from Texas
Amanda from Oklahoma, via Africa
Tracie from Oregon
Amy from Wyoming
Jamie from Utah
Melissa from New York
Brenda from New Mexico, via Missouri
Gina from Pennsylvania
Shanna from Australia

I arrived at the Denver International Airport at 8:45 am, and waited there for Anne to arrive from Dallas at 11:15. We then took a very expensive cab (almost $90!) to the hotel that Heather had very graciously arranged for us. People began trickling in from other cities all afternoon, and we all met out at Farrah's house in Aurora for a big BBQ in her backyard. Which was very kind of Farrah to do, considering she is scheduled to have a baby a week from Thursday! But her wonderful husband did all the cooking and cleaning and was a great sport about having all those women (and some of their kids) in his home.

While we were eating out on the patio, we all took notice of how beautiful the light was in the setting sun. There was a small ridge at the back of the yard, and Heather joked that we needed to get Farrah up there in just a flowing piece of cloth for some artsy maternity pictures. Surprisingly, Farrah was game, but with a dress on. So we all gathered at the back of the yard and took maternity photos in the setting sun. I also grabbed a few shots of Brenda's daughter, Sarah. Sarah is a great little model, who told us she does it just for the clothes!

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