Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project 365: Day 234 -- Baking at Home

I'm not really much for baking usually. But one of the things I have done in an effort to battle my sweet tooth is to stop buying pre-packaged sweets and treats. (OK, I haven't stopped entirely, but cut way back.) This way, if I get a craving for sweets, it's got to be bad enough for me to go to the trouble of baking. This week it was. So I decided to make a spice cake. But I knew that if I made a layer cake, I would have to frost the entire thing, and Kelly hates frosting. Twisted and sick, I know. Anyway, if I frosted the whole thing, then I would eat the whole thing by myself. So I decided to make cupcakes instead, and only frost half of them. Kelly would get his boring, bland, unfrosted cake, and I would get my sweet, creamy, delicious cake.

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