Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365: Day 228 -- Colorado, Part V

So I'm exhausted. I've had less than 5 hours sleep for the 4th day in a row, and almost no down time. But we have so much more to shoot today! The morning started with the free hotel breakfast, and then everyone gathering in our room again. Anne brought her laptop and was checking in at 2Peas to see if anything interesting was going on. It was surprisingly quiet there with so many of us together in Denver, lol! And then I remembered I had Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake from last night that I hadn't touched yet. So yes, I had cheesecake for breakfast, and it was good.

Shanna was finally able to join us this morning! She also brought her sister along. It took us a little while to get organized and to coordinate who was riding with whom, but eventually we got it all figured out. We were running about 2 hours later than we had planned, but it was all good...

This morning, we were originally supposed to photograph an engaged couple out at Red Rocks. The couple, who are friends of Janett's, decided they preferred the Santa Fe Arts District. Which turned out MUCH better for this couple than Red Rocks would have been. Janett and her friends--Melanie and Vladimir--had arrived on time. Janett was only able to stay for a little while after the rest of us arrived because her kid had an important game she had to attend. But she did good hooking us up with Melanie and Vlad! These guys ROCKED. Seriously.
Not only did Melanie grow up with a professional photographer (her dad) but she's also done some professional modeling. Not to mention these two were seriously HOT together. And willing to do just about anything.
Vlad is great at a smoldering look, but I like his little smirk here...
Good thing it was Sunday morning and not a lot of traffic! We practiced the pose on the sidewalk, then when traffic was clear everyone ran out into the middle of the street to shoot until our spotter (Schylar) yelled "CARS!" Then everyone rand back to the sidewalk until traffic cleared and we did the whole thing over again. Several times. In both directions. It was funny to watch, I'm sure. We had several on-lookers.

One of the on-lookers was gallery owner, E.jay Miller, who invited us into his art gallery, Sizzle & Bang. He showed us great hospitality (he's originally a Southerner!) and provided us with ice water and invited us to finish the session inside his gallery. Thank you, Mr. Miller!

After we wrapped up the engagement session, Mel & Vlad went to change clothes. I snapped this image of Schylar while we waited for them. Then we all took them to lunch at the little Mexican place down the street--one of the few places around to eat. Boy, was that a bad choice! That had to be the worst food I have ever had out in a restaurant in my life. How do you screw up tacos that bad? Seriously. A dog would have turned up it's nose at that food. And then Shanna took cash from everyone and put the whole thing on her credit card. And they double-billed her. And called her out on not leaving a tip on the charge slip (she left cash on the table.) I mean really?

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  1. I concur...that mexican restaurant was just AWFUL! Poor Shanna...I can't believe they charged her twice. Great photos as always Barbie.